Implementation Of Education Technology

The use of education technology (EdTech) in schools and colleges is a fact of life. However, the school’s role is focused on the education aspect. So how does a Head and Senior Leadership Team know how to effectively use technology and embed this across the school system, so that it is easy for schools andContinue reading

Green Computing

What is “Green Computing”? What we are looking for are products that minimal or zero impact on the environment from manufacture to disposal.Over the past few years, legislators and manufacturers have been working on ways of reducing the environmental impact of computing. In the UK, the “right to repair” law was introduced on 8th JulyContinue reading

What’s new with Google for Education?

Practice sets in Google Classroom Practice sets lean into adaptive learning by giving students instant feedback on their answers and real-time support if they get stuck. This provides automated insights for teachers to identify potential gaps in students’ understanding. Practice sets are now globally available in beta, for Google Workspace for Education customers with EducationContinue reading

The Importance Of Having An ICT Strategy For Your School

Over the past decade, the IT landscape in schools has evolved and transformed, but the recent impact of Covid-19 has arguably had one of the most profound impacts on how IT is used to deliver teaching and learning. For some schools, the sudden need to deliver lessons remotely was just a minor point amongst theContinue reading

What Are Cloud Services?

So what are Cloud services? Broadly speaking, a Cloud service is when you use a system that isn’t running on your own local servers. The Covid pandemic has accelerated the use of Cloud services, examples of which are Zoom, MS365 and Google Workspace. These are Cloud services that you can access from any Internet connectedContinue reading

Keep your school cyber secure

Cyber security no longer means just having a firewall and anti-virus software installed. Cyber security vendors are in a constant battle to protect us from the ever changing tactics of cyber criminals as they look to exploit technical issues, new technologies and bad practices. So now we not only have anti-virus and anti-malware, but weContinue reading