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Cyber security no longer means just having a firewall and anti-virus software installed. Cyber security vendors are in a constant battle to protect us from the ever changing tactics of cyber criminals as they look to exploit technical issues, new technologies and bad practices.

So now we not only have anti-virus and anti-malware, but we want to stop the threat before it even reaches our network, which means we also need email and Internet scanning to block and remove malicious content.

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for the weakest area of protection and so as the technical defences have become stronger and so harder to overcome, weakest link has become us, the users of systems.

Understandably, passwords are one of those weaknesses. How can we possibly make and remember complex passwords for every account we have! Two Factor Authentication (2FA) systems help to overcome this problem. Even if a cyber-criminal does obtain your password, without your 2FA device (usually your phone), they still can’t access your account.

From the original spam emails, cyber-criminal tactics have become sophisticated with phishing, smishing, vishing etc. techniques used to dupe us into handing over information or money. This means we need to educate people on how to keep themselves cyber safe and how to spot a threat.

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